Mysterious Identity

Okay so have you ever had a pen-pal or a friend you have never met? Even someone you haven't seen in ages and suddenly they start talking to you, never any warning? I find its hard to connect with someone you haven't seen for a long time, or talked to before. (am I right or …

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More Interesting Posts?

Hey everyone!      Whether you have been her before or you are new, Thanks for reading!!! I have been on a blogging break for a little while, trying to brainstorm cool post ideas and how to make my blog more interesting... Hence the new design. Do you like it? Any-who, so if you have any ideas …

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Teenager Posts Sleep Part #1!

Hey Peeps! The Teenager Posts are here again!Teenager Posts I think are hilarious!😂 This weeks theme is Sleep but turns out sleep teenager posts are popular so next week the teenager post will be continuing on from this! Sleep posts #1: I do this all the time!!!!😂😆#Relatable, Though I don't have a phone I go …

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